Wednesday, 18 October 2017

ASSAR participates in SAG-SEED Replicator Connect Workshop

By Rahinatu Sidiki Alare and Prince Ansah

The one-day workshop on developing eco-inclusive projects brought together about 25 participants across the country and was held in Kumasi on the 12th October, 2017. The workshop aimed at building the capacities of participants in eco-inclusive business models that provides proven solutions to sustainability challenges in various geographic locations. The sector focus of this workshop was on Agricultural Product Processing and Bee-Keeping.

Participants were introduced to basic business concepts, developing business ideas and the essence of adapting business models to suit local contexts. Practical sessions were also held where participant were grouped into Bee- Keeping and Agricultural Product Processing groups to develop business ideas; potential customers and empathy maps; context-specific business model; visual prototyping as well as developing a lean enterprise blueprint for the proposed businesses.
Visual prototype of a business from one of the group exercises
Prince Ansah and Rahina Sidiki Alare from the ASSAR Ghana team were present to explore opportunities for collaborations and possibilities of integrating these models into the ASSAR upcoming capacity building workshops including Grants for Local Adaptation Strategy (GLAS) and the Scenario-Based Capacity Building (SBCB). The ASSAR team further engaged the facilitators of the event to explore future collaborations for local agriculture and beekeeping enterprises at the local level in Upper West region. Also present was Mr. Eric Kaliebo, a TSP reference group member from the Lawra District of the Upper West Region, whose capacity was built on Beekeeping and its business potentials.

Insights from this workshop are important for ASSAR Ghana as it provides practicable solutions to addressing food security and livelihood empowerment issues at the local level. This creates the opportunity to further advance the Post-TSP action areas and prioritise for the upcoming capacity building workshops in Ghana.

The SEED replicator connect workshop was implemented under the Switch–Africa Green Project with support from European Union, United Nation Environment (UNE), United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) and United Nations for Project Services (UNOPS). The workshop, was facilitated by Regina Hammond and Ebenezer Kumi.
Rahina and other group members developing a customer empathy map of their proposed businesses


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